Final render of the interior and top edge of the ‘Boomerang Pool’ and the laying of the ‘crazy paving’ mudstone and blue stone to hearth nears completion.                        

Contractors start rendering the bench seat and laying of ‘crazy paving’ mudstone around the Fire Pit Area.                        

Contractors start rendering the interior of the ‘Boomerang Pool’.                        

Contractors complete the ‘Fire Pit’ and continue to lay the block-work for the ‘Boomerang Pool’.                        

The ‘Boomerang Pool’ starts to take shape as the brick and block-work is laid inside the metal frame.                        

The base for the ‘Boomerang Pool’ is filled with concrete as the ‘Fire Pit’ nears completion.                        

Contractors dig-out the base for the ‘Boomerang Pool’.                        

Work starts on the formation of the ‘Boomerang Pool’ as contractors continue to build the ‘Fire Pit’.                        

Video update from Mike Lall on the construction of the Australian Garden at Capel Manor.                        

Mudstone continues to be laid around the ‘Fire Pit’ and the metal planters, towers and boxes which form the water feature in the ‘Mountain Gorge’ area are fixed into position.